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Prof. Gabriele Bammer:

Gabriele Bammer is a professor at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, The Australian National University. She is also a research fellow at the Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management at HarvardUniversity’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and the convener of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security’s Integration and Implementation research program. She is developing the new discipline of Integration and Implementation Sciences to improve research strengths for tackling complex real-world problems through synthesis of disciplinary and stakeholder knowledge, comprehensively understanding and managing unknowns and providing integrated research support for policy and practice change (http://i2s.anu.edu.au). Her publications include the following books: Uncertainty and Risk: Multidisciplinary Perspectives (co-editor), Research Integration Using Dialogue Methods (co-author), Dealing with Uncertainties in Policing Serious Crime (editor) and Bridging the ‘Know-Do’ Gap: Knowledge Brokering to Improve Child Wellbeing (co-editor).

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