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10 October, 2011
Join us

Join us:

Prof. Julia Davidson invited the President of Pakistan Society of Criminology, Fasihuddin (PSP) to visit the Centre for Child Abuse and Trauma Studies (CATS) at the new campus of Kingston University, London, UK on Monday, 10th Oct, 2011. Prof. Julia Davidson, also a learned member of the Advisory Board of Pakistan Journal of Criminology has done enormous commendable job for child abuse, child internet pornography, sexualization of internet and policing cybertrain/cyber crimes as far as child sexual/commercial sexual exploitation is concerned. Her books and researches are well-received around the world. Prof. Julia appreciated the work of Pakistan Society of Criminology for educating and training the local police on children rights, child abuse and juvenile offences. Prof. Julia with Dr. Julie Grove-Hills of the same university, has been conducting a valuable and much-needed research on community-engagement/partnership in collaboration with the London Metropolitan Police, the findings of the research project will soon be shared with the readers of Pakistan Journal of Criminology in a special issue on Multi-cultural Policing and Community Engagement, being promised to be guest-edited by Prof. Julia Davidson. Her work can be found at CATS website http://www.cats-rp.org.uk/.