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10 November, 2011
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The historical, brave and the largest but scattered at four major different places (Momand Agency, Malakand Agency, District Dir and Bajaur Agency) the Uthmankhel tribe held its Grand Jirga/Convention for nomination of various office bearers at Mandal House, Takht Bhai, Mardan, KPK on Thursday, 10th November, 2011. The Grand Jirga/Convention was attended by selected tribal elders/representatives of various Uthmankhel sections and sub-sections of the tribe, right from Bajaur Agency to District Charsaddah, Mardan, Dargai Malakand, and Ambaar Tehsil of Momand Agency. Notables amongst them were the ex-Member National Assembly (MNA) Maulana Ghulam Sadiq of Momand Agency, ex-MNA Haji Muhammad Khan of Malakand Agency, ex-Member Provincial Assembly Malak Muzaffar Said of District Dir, from JUI (F), Muslim League (Q) and Jamat-i-Islami respectively, who though belong to different political parties but have given support to the Uthmankhel Qaumi Movement (UQM) for peace, social cohesion, solidarity and tribal unity and brotherhood. The other non-political but prominent tribal leaders included tribal chieftain Malak Nadir Khan, Malak Fida Muhammad, Malak Shahabuddin from the different parts of Bajaur Agency. Ex-candidates for Provincial Assembly elections Malak Muhammad Akbar Khan from Dargai Malakand and Malak Badriuzzaman of Momand Agency also attended the gathering. The UQM had published an advertisement for its Central Consultative Body (Majlis-Shoora) members to attend the gathering in Daily Aaj, Peshawar on back page on the same day. The gathering was attended by about five hundreds (500) tribal elders/notables of different sections of the Uthmankhel Tribe under the banner of Uthmankhel Qaumi Movement (UQM). The Convention/Jirga elected local organizers for various places like Kot, Lower Dir Timergarah, Takh Bhai and Charsaddah. Few nominations came for Provincial President of the UQM. Almost all notables, ex-parliamentarians, tribal chieftains and the Central President of the UQM, Haji Shah Wali Khan spoke to the gathering. The speakers lamented the step-motherly attitude of the politicians, rulers and law-enforcement agencies vis-à-vis the rights, due respect and privileges of the Uthmankhl Tribe. They demanded that all the scattered pockets and areas of the tribe be combined into a separate division who were divided under a conspiracy of the then British Rulers of India as the Uthmankhel Tribe put the toughest resistance to their colonial armies. They made it clear that the present corrupt politicians have done nothing for the progress and civilizational change of the tribes of FATA/PATA as a whole which is the basic reason for their slipping into the hands of non-state actors. They exhorted that the Uthmankhel are a law-abiding people and are committed to the cause of education, peace, tranquility, progress and development provided they are given enough representation in all educational, social, political and national institutions. The speakers strongly criticized the rampant corruption in government departments in all the tribal agencies of Pakistan and voiced for the social cohesion and tribal solidarity against all kinds of exploitation, injustices, feudalism, radicalism and corruption. At the end, the President of Pakistan Society of Criminology, Mr. Fasihuddin who hails from Uthmankhel tribe, spoke to the gathering on importance of education and civilization. The convention proposed Mr. Fasihuddin as the Honorary Chief of the Uthmankhel Tribe and he was coroneted with a tribal turban by the Central President of UQM Haji Shah Wali Khan and ex-MNA Maulana Ghulam Sadiq.