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29 March, 2015
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In a bid of forge unity and revive the lost links amongst the tribes of Uthmankhel between those residing in FATA (Bajaur, Momand, Malakand and Orakzai Agency) and Mardan, Charsaddah, Peshawar, Swabi and Nowshehra, the Uthmankhel Pakhtoon Ittehad held several meetings amongst the elders for this purpose. A meeting was held on 29th March at the hujra of Iqbal Hussain and Yar Muhammad in Katlang and a large gathering was held at the hujra of Iftikhar Khan at village Mian Khan on the same day. Office bearers of Uthmankhel Pakhtoon Ittehad threw light on the history and services of the tribe for Pakistan and Pakhtoon nation . Notables of the area, namely, Fayyaz Khan, Ajam Khan, Haji Shaker Said, Awais khan, Samar Gul, Dr. Mir Alam, Haji Said Akbar and Prof. Yar Muhammad Toofan spoke on the occasion in addition to the Central leadership of the Uthmankhel Pakhtoon Ittehad. The tribe has made this organization only for their social and educational development and tribal recognition and affinity in their scattered sections of the tribe.