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14 January, 2012
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A representative Jirga of Uthman Khel Qaumi Movement (UQM) was held at village Chail, District Charsaddah. Many tribesmen joined UQM as the sole representative of their centuries-neglected tribe. Gulistan, a local notable asked the thousands of Uthmankhel tribe in district Charsaddah to unite for the separate identity and joint struggle against the usurpers who have kept the poor masses of Uthmankhel, Momand, Bajuri, Chitrali, Malaizi and Swati in utter poverty, illiteracy, and mile away from political power and decision-making processes. UQM district chief Kamran Ibrahim criticized the social stratification and elites-dominated power-struggle in the country. Malak Saz Muhammad of Prang Ghar communicated the unanimous support of all Uthmankhels of Momand Agency to UQM. Zahir Shah lala of Charsaddah advised the Uthmankhels to understand the challenges of the 21st century and try to utilize all kinds of available communications for propagation of the UQM message and agenda. President UQM Haji Shah Wali asked the Mazdoor Kissan Party to join hands with UQM as most of them are poor people from subjugated tribes and the aim and objectives of Mazdoor Kissan and UQM are almost identical. Patron-in-Chief of Uthmankhel tribe, Fasihuddin, asked his tribe to concentrate on education and skills. He explained the international conspiracies against Pakistan’s Army, its security institutions and Pakistan’s nuclear power, and said that it is not only the duty of Army but also everyone’s obligation to fight for the national security and Pakistan’s strategic assets at all forums and at all cost. The gathering was attended by Jamil Shah, Umar Khan Advocate, Amir Ghazan, Haji Hakeem Khan, Counselor Umar Khan, Counselor Nisar Khan, Mir Akbar Kaka and Rtd. DSP Said Wahab.