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24 December, 2011
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A grand Jirga of 400 selected notables of Uthmankhel Tribe was held at Navi Kali, Prang Ghar, Mohmand Agency on Saturday, 24th December 2011. The Jirga was attended by all elders and notables of the sections and sub-sections of Uthmankhel Tribe living in different villages of Mohmand Agency. The Patron-in-Chief of Uthmankhel Tribe, Fasihuddin (PSP), said on the occasion that FATA needs real and visible development projects and research-based policies for social cohesion, de-radicalization, youth education instead of mere slogans, bookish reports, and reforms on papers. He criticised all the stakeholders including international community that no one is sincerely and honestly interested in developing FATA and organizing and educating the tribes due to many self interests involved in the new Great Game in FATA region, which unfortunately has added salt to the injuries of the poor and uneducated tribal population right from Bajaur to South Waziristan. Haji Shah Wali Khan, President Uthmankhel Qaumi Movement called for unity in all the scattered sections of Uthmankhel tribe and lauded the role of Uthmankhel tribe elders in Mohmand Agency for joining the UQM. He demanded a separate tribal agency for the largest tribe of the country, i.e. Uthmankhel. He lamented that most of the funds provided for FATA development through NGOs are badly miss-used and not utilized on FATA population as no one can have the courage to enter into FATA for any real humanitarian assistance. The occasion was also addressed by Mr. Malak Taj Mohammad, Malak Badree uz Zaman, Sazo Mullah, Malak Amin ur Rehman, Mr. Gulistan, Mr. Kamran Ibrahim, Malak Dost Muhammad, Malak Muhammad Gul, Malak Mulla Din, Mr. Umar Din, Malak Ghulam Nabi, Malak Gulzad Gul, and many others. The gathering adopted some unanimous resolutions to the effect that: i) there should be one administrative division or tribal agency for more than one million Uthmankhel tribe; ii) the tribe will contest the next national election from Malakand, Bajaur, and Mohmand agencies under one banner; iii) the tribes condemn the shameful attack of NATO forces on Salala Check-post in Mohmand Agency; and iv) the tribe express solidarity with Pakistan Army in its efforts against lawlessness in FATA. The notables of Mohmand Agency nominated 24 representatives for the Central Council of Uthmankhel Qaumi Movement.