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12 May, 2009
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The Acting President of Pakistan and Speaker of the National Assembly, Honourable Dr. Fehmida Mirza reiterated the need for establishing more women police stations in Pakistan. She asked the President of Pakistan Society of Criminology Mr. Fasihuddin to work for the cause of women emancipation through a variety of women empowerment initiatives, who called upon her on Tuesday, May 12, 2009 at the Speaker’s Chambers, National Assembly of Pakistan. The Honourable Speaker appreciated the efforts of the nascent Society of Criminology and its recently launched research-based journal, Pakistan Journal of Criminology. The Honourable Speaker expressed her deep concern on the pressing problems of women police officers and officials in the country, who are not provided with ample facilities, respect and legal authority in the exercise of their duties. She desired that Pakistan’s women police force shall be re-organized and modernized on the pattern of developed nations as well as some Asian countries, where the women police enjoy a highly respectable place in the department as well as the society. Madam Speaker is the Patron-in-Chief of the Women Parliamentary Caucus, her excellent idea and a creative initiative, to bring together all the women parliamentary representatives for a joint vision and mission of women emancipation and women development through women empowerment, of which one step is an effective, well-respected, well-trained, well-paid, well-qualified and well-equipped women police force. The Pakistan Society of Criminology highly appreciates the role, vision and leadership of the Honourable Speaker on this direly needed aspect of policing in Pakistan.