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18 September, 2011
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Join us:

The President of Pakistan Society of Criminology, Fasihuddin (PSP) supported a large gathering (Mushaira) of the local poets’ organization, Takht-Bhai Adabi Tolana (Takht-Bhai Literary Society), at Mandal House, Takht-Bhai on September 18, 2011. Right from veteran, experienced and famous poets and writers of the area, like Prof. Zahir Shah, Prof. Abseen Yousafzai, Azeem Khan Azeem, Gul Muhammad Gran, Abdul Wahab Dasti, Iqbal Khattak and Syed Qayyum Naiknam, to the youngest poets like Hasan Shadab, Muhammad Gulzar Gulzar, Niazbeen Yousafzai (Editor Pushto journal Mashaal), and Sajid Muhammad Shaiq (Editor Pushto journal Watan), etc, attended the gathering. The most interesting feature of the gathering was that almost all poets presented their poetry in a way which was reflective and truly indicative of the simmering problems being faced by the Pakistani nation. Every one was seemed to be disturbed on the increasing law and order situation, rampant crimes, rising restlessness, conspiracies against national integrity, merciless killings and looting of national resources. Attacks on Pakistan’s sovereignty and un-understandable radicalism was seriously felt and debated. The poetic work which otherwise is a reflection of delicate feelings and youthful sentiments, was full of a satire, criticism and concern on the lawlessness and restlessness in the society. The engagement of this valuable segment of the society, the poets and writers, who are known as the ‘spoke-person of the common man’, is an important step towards messaging on how to control social ills and rising radicalism. Such forums can be a good opportunity for dialogue and debate on important issues of criminological interest. Public voices are heard at such places. Poets are the barometer of a society’s mood and desires, said Prof. Abaseen Yousafzai and Prof. Zahir Shah..