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15 November, 2008
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Join us:

Like children rights issues, the North-West Frontier Police took the initiative to join hands with the civil society and HR activists in protecting women against all kinds of violence and torture. The NWFP Police and Aurat Foundation, a famous NGO, held one day training seminars on Nov.15,2008 which was thickly participated and widely carried by local and national media. The Additional Inspector General of NWFP Police Mr. Abdul Latif Gandapur was the Chief Guest. Other speakers spoke on women rights, violence against women, laws (national & international)related to women and the role of police in promoting women’s rights, collection of verifiable data on all forms of violence against women and how to work with other national and international bodies in the prevailing circumstances of male chauvinism, intolerance, flagrant violence and fragile law and order situation, the victims of which are generally the vulnerable groups-women, elderly and children. People have high expectations of the police and the police have to improve their public image through better coordination with the civil society.