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10 May, 2009
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The various counter-terrorism strategies, e.g; the 4 Ps of the UK, now consist de-radicalization as an integral component of the over all strategy. This seems to be an additional aspect of the Muslims engagement and ‘people outreach’ approach. Some countries, like Saudi Arabia, Yeman, Indonesia and Egypt, etc, have successfully launched their de-radicalization programmes with the support of the government and religious scholars. However, in some places, the de-radicalization programmes became exceedingly successful, and at others turned out to be a partial success. The NWFP police requested the US Ambassador for providing the consultancy and expertise of Mr. David Hunsicker, a US Muslim scholar and a specialist on conflict resolution and de-radicalization, who came to Pakistan and spent one week in Peshawar (April 10-15, 2009). The President of PSC, Fasihuddin, being his focal person on behalf of the NWFP police remained present in all his meetings with renowned religious scholars, high police officers and civil bureaucrats, FATA experts, members from civil society, senior media analysts and reporters, senior officers from prison department and judiciary. The US Muslim scholar and top USAID official from Washington DC, who is an expert on Islamic history also, will now present a policy recommendation document to the NWFP police and the US government for a joint and workable intervention system aimed at the possible and early rehabilitation of prisoners and the youth at risk.