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03 February, 2012
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Speakers at the large gatherings of Uthman Khel tribe under the auspices of Uthman Khel Qaumi Movement (UQM) at the remotest villages of Mandal and Kharmotay Mosque, Arang in Bajaur Agency stated that poor people of their tribes are being killed and tortured in Karachi but neither compensation is provided to them, nor no national leader has ever come to their native towns in FATA to offer condolence or express sympathies with their bereaved families in FATA. The MQM, being in the Sindh Government, should do proper investigations and shall talk directly to the true representatives of the tribes if their hands are clean, the elders of Uthman Khel tribe demanded at various Jirgas in Bajaur Agency. Central President UQM, Haji Shah Wali criticized the Governor KPK for not doing enough for establishing Bajaur University despite the fact that it is not only the need of the hour but also land has been acquired for the same purpose. Veteran Malak Haji Gul Amin of Mandal said that education, electricity and roads are the immediate requirements of our people as much damage has been done to this area during the war on terror and insurgencies in the last few years. Haji Nasir Khan demanded equitable distribution of development funds and projects in FATA. Husan Bacha deplored the indiscriminate demarcation of boundaries of sub-divisions for Uthman Khel tribe which despite being the largest is reduced to a minority status. Noor Zada lamented the sufferings of the tribal women folk, who in this 21st century are compelled to bring water in pitches from far-flung areas. Shams-ur-Rehman stated that if Uthman Khel sub-sections are united under UQM then no one can stop this warrior but patriot tribe from becoming a force to be reckoned with. Patron-in-Chief of Uthman Khel tribe Dr. Fasihuddin demanded a full-scale development program for FATA and especially the un-attended villages of Momand, Malakand and Bajaur. Being from Mandal section, he was warmly greeted at Mandal. He spoke to different other gatherings of Shamozai and Alizai at Tabai, Barang and Arang also.