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17 December, 2007
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Join us:

Though a little belated, yet the criminologists and practitioners from Asian countries joined hands to establish a much-desired forum of the Asian Criminological Society with its Founding Members (34 in total) in Macau, SAR China on Dec. 17-20, 2009. This was a great and spectular occasion where experts not only from Asia but also from US and Australia came and worked hard with their Asian colleagues to establish the ACS on sound democratic basis. The inagurational ceremony decided many organizational subjects and formally voted for the President of ACS, Prof. Jhiang Liu of the University of Macau. Prof. Liu took a lot of pain and worked excellently during the last one year to make the society a reality. Prof. Peter Grabosky and Prof. John Braithwaite from Australia and Prof. Chris Eskridge and Prof. Kam C. Wong from USA were amongst the Founding Members. The President of PSC, Fasihuddin is also one of the Founding Members and was selected by the President of ACS as one of the 18 members Executive Committee. The ACS will soon launch its website and all Asian nations and nationals are requested and expected to promote the profession and purpose of criminology in an Asian context but with a greater aim of global peace and security. Members from criminology societies across the Asian countries were extremely excited on this new development on the pattern of the American and European Societies of Criminology. The Indian Society of Criminology offered to host the next year conference which obviously will be a huge gathering. The concept of the societies of criminology is not a new thing. The International Society of Criminology was established in Paris in 1938, followed by the American Society of Criminology (1941), the British Society of Criminology (1959) and the Australian and New Zealand Society (1967). The Asian countries too established their independent societies in due course of time, like the Indian (1970), the HK (1983), the Korean (1985), the Chinese (mainland China) (1992) and the Chinese (Taiwan) (1994), Pakistan Society of Criminology in 2008 and the South Asian Society of Criminology and Victimology (SASCV) (2009). These societies have now put their heads together to make a larger group, while keeping their independent identity intact, as Asian level for a borader and meaningful cooperation and collaboration under the Asian Criminological Society.