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12 September, 2012
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Join us:

The Pakistan Society of Criminology (PSC) is conducting two important researches on Gender Responsive Policing, problems and perceptions of women police about their job and duties, and why educated women are not joining the police as expected and despite relaxation of rules and criteria for their enrollment.  These two researches will be published in a special issue of Pakistan Journal of Criminology (PJC) which is focused on GRP and Women in Law-Enforcement, being edited by a renowned scholar and ex-police chief of New York Police Department, Prof. James Albrecht. These two researches are conducted with the academic support of NGOs and Women Police in Balochistan and scholars and students of University of Peshawar and Law College Quetta. The Special issue will be sponsored by GIZ, GRP-Project, Pakistan. Please send your articles to Prof. James Albrecht (USA) (JimNYPD@aol.comdirectly under intimation to PSC, General Secretary Mr. Imran Ahmad Sajid (imranahmad131@gmail.com) on any topic relating to Gender Responsive Policing, Women Police or any other important issue.