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30 April, 2016
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Director Research CTD, KP Dr. Fasihuddin (PSP) has been nominated as Senior Research Fellow in CTD, Peoples Public Security University (PPSU) Beijing, China. He was awarded the Fellowship Certificate in Beijing on 26 April, 2016 by the CTD Chief Commander Prof. Mei of PPSU, which is the highest institution of police training in China, having more than one thousand teaching faculty. This was for the first time that a Pakistani police officer is appointed as a Senior Research Fellow by the chief national police institution of China. The distinction has gone to the KPK Police and the IGP KP Nasir Khan Durrani and DIG, CTD Mr. Salahauddin have congratulated the nominee and have regarded it a great success for the police of two countries to work jointly on challenges of terrorism and security issues being faced by the respective police. Fasihuddin (PSP) is the President of Pakistan Society of Criminology, the editor-in-chief of Pakistan Journal of Criminology, and has been visiting dozens of international police forums to talk and present his research papers on crime, policing and criminology. He is also a well-known writer, author and poet. Earlier, he has translated an English book on Chinese Police History and Reforms by Prof. Kam C. Wong into Urdu which was widely welcomed by Pakistani police officers.