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07 October, 2011
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Join us:

The Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center (TraCCC), School of Public Policy at the George Mason University, Washington DC, USA, invited Fasihuddin (PSP), President of Pakistan Society of Criminology to present about the efforts of various individuals and institutions to develop and promote criminology as a subject and as a way of thinking in Pakistan. Ambassador (Rtd) Richard D. Kauzlarich welcomed Fasihuddin on behalf of the Director of TraCCC, Prof. Louise I. Shelley who was abroad on the date of presentation. The lecture was attended by many students of the university, including those from USA, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, and also by academics and officials of the US police, and Drugs Enforcement Agency (DEA). Prof. Emilio C. Vanio of the American University, DC also graced the occasion by his presence. The participants in an A & Q session focused more on the organized crimes and policing responses of the various law-enforcement agencies. The session lasted for two hours, followed by lunch by the university, courtesy of TraCCC..