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19 August, 2012
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Why to celebrate Eid with the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry Sahib? Why one should go and meet him on this occasion? Do you know how did it look like on that day in Quetta, Balochistan at the residence of the Honorable Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan? If you want to know all about this, please read Fasihuddin’s coloumn in Daily Aaj, Peshawar today on Monday, the 27th of August, 2012.

This was a great surprise to the writer when he called on the Hon. Chief Justice of Pakistan to see that the learned CJ was meeting general public without any security screening and prior appointments. The learned CJ was embracing every visitor with a smiling face and warm welcome. The visitors were neither from high elite groups nor top government officials or business tycoons, but rather simple poor people, lovers of knowledge and seekers of the truth and wisdom. Some were from the educated middle class who had no worldly matters or applications in their hands, as noted by Fasihuddin. The writer highly praises the learned CJ for his humanism, humbleness and hospitality. The most powerful and the most respected personality of the country was the most humble and poor-loving host on the day of Eid, a celebration of the Muslim nation after the month of fasting (Ramazan).

It was to the surprise of the writer to notice that the learned CJ was aware of the academic and creative work of indigenous research of Pakistan Society of Criminology, its journal and reports on children rights and juvenile justice. The writer didn’t expect such an appreciation on this moment as he had no prior interaction with the learned CJ on the topic except that the Society of Criminology keeps on sending its publications to all distinguished personalities of the country including the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan.

To throw a bit more light on the noble aspects of the apparently very strict disciplinarian person of the learned CJ, Fasihuddin dilates upon his bold, timely and excellent intervention in so many issues relating to human rights violations in the country, esp. for children, women, minorities, eunuchs and prisoners. His actions against police torture and release of the compensation of 1.5 million US$ to the affected families of child abuse of camel jockeying are a few examples quoted by the writer in this respect. Fasihuddin suggests that all the human rights activists, the legal and NGOs’ community and the Govt of Pakistan must make a demand for a Noble Prize for the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan as a recognition of his services for the protection and promotion of human rights, independence of judiciary and speedy justice through his fair procedural and valuation interventions for the last so many years.

Fasihuddin also hints at a very delicate conspiratorial mind in Pakistan that whenever a personality gets popularized in the general masses the dominating feudal lords and a group of politicians start propagating against him on various counts and blocks his way to rise to the scene of public service. Various propaganda techniques are used against him like character assassination of family members, his religious thoughts being attacked, his patriotism is doubted, false stories in media are spread against his or his family corruption and the like mean tactics so to waste his time and energies and degrade his public stature. Fasihuddin deplores that we have lost many such good leaders, reformers, administrators and genius educationists at the hands of this feudal mafia and their stooges in government and media. He requests the readers that we should not lose the dynamic and noble-natured person of the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan who has become the last hope of the nation in the most crucial phase of our history and in the midst of the current depressing situation in the country.

The coloumn was also published by the Daily Mashriq, Quetta, Balochistan as a Guest Coloumn on 23rd August, 2012 and can be found on following link. Please forward this coloumn and email to your friends and kindly put on your face book as a tribute to the noble and august personality of the learned Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry for his memorable and historic services to the nation and mankind through his career as a professional attorney and as a committed judge.