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13 January, 2013
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Join us:

A selected group of brilliant students of Bajaur Students Organization, Islamia College University, Peshawar gathered together at the famous Bagh-e-Naraan to listen to Mr. Fasihuddin (PSP) on career-building opportunities and job-oriented education for FATA students. Mr. Fasihuddin, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Khuzdar Region, Balochistan and President, Pakistan Society of Criminology, briefed the students on the role of educated youth in developing the marginalized tribal societies, especially in FATA. There must be equal opportunities for all FATA students in professional colleges and universities. The donor agencies should also provide maximum visits and scholarships to FATA students, he said. He threw light on selection of books, web-browsing, communication skills, and presentation skills, etc. The students expressed their desire of playing a positive role in FATA development if they are given a chance through greater educational opportunities.