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01 November, 2009
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The Turkish National Police academy organized the 1st International Symposium on Terrorism and Transnational Crime, Nov 13-15, 2009 at Antalya, Turkey. The symposium was attended by many great scholars, policy makers, police officers and criminologists from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, India, Spain and Turkey. This was an excellent initiative by the Turkish National Police Academy and its Research Centre called the International Centre for Terrorism and Transnational Crimes Studies (UTSAM). The dynamic leadership of Prof. Dr. Ihsan Bal, Dr. Remzi Fikindli, Dr. Suleyman Ozoren and of so many other remarkable personalities of the TNP made this symposium a great success and achievement. The problem of radicalism was debated, analyzed and discussed from various perspectives and its implications assessed across globally and locally. Scholars tried to identify ways and means to checkmate radicalism in its various forms and colours. The President of Pakistan Society of Criminology, Fasihuddin, spoke on the Causes & Effects of Radicalism in NWFP & FATA (Pakistan). He lamented the absence of any good historical or empirical research on this issue in the contemporary literature. The Turkish National Police Academy has initiated a scholarly and referred journal, the International Journal of Security and Terrorism (ISSN: 1309-2022) (www.ustam.org), for which original and scientific research-based articles are invited. The journal will be published bilingually, English & Turkish. The Pakistani Police can learn a lot from the excellent academic initiatives of the Turkish National Police.