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26 September, 2012
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The President of Pakistan Society of Criminology, Mr. Fasihuddin gave a lecture/presented on First Information Report (FIR) to a training workshop at Peshawar on Sept 26, 2012. The workshop was arranged by EVAW/G-alliance (End to Violence Against Women/Gender-Alliance). The legal, social and technical issues and importance relating to the FIR were explained to the participants FIR is the first register in a police station and on the basis of which law is set in motion for further investigation. A wrong, delayed or faulty FIR often leads the investigation in a wrong direction. Women NGOs or all those who work on gender issues must know the various aspects of FIR, its importance, its soundness, its proper follow-up and its outcome, particularly in cases of violence against women like domestic violence, rape, harassment, etc. Mr. Syed Wajid and Mr. Fida Muhammad will compile a report of the workshop for the special issue of Pakistan Journal of Criminology which is focused on Gender-Responsive Policing and Women in Law-enforcement. It was felt that there is a need for further training and education of the women NGOs and their staff on police and policing, criminal justice system, arrest and search, investigation and prosecution and court trial and bail, etc.