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05 February, 2012
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More than a thousand students from North and South Waziristan demanded ‘true peace’ and ‘meaningful education’ in tribal areas which could be achieved only if the decision-makers show genuine commitment and sincerity. The students gathered at Raas Gathering Peshawar on the eve of a musical night which was organized by the Waziristan Students Society. President of the Society, Asmatullah Wazir lamented the inadequate facilities of staff, hostels and libraries in the schools and colleges of North and South Waziristan. “Our elected representatives are merely shedding crocodile tears at the agonies of our tribal masses”, said Kashif Dawar, a student leader. Ex. President of the Society Noor Islam Wazir stated that it is absolutely unacceptable to say that the suicide bombers are coming from Waziristan and expressed his anger at the inhuman treatment of law-enforcement agencies especially the police with the tribal people in the cities who are unnecessarily checked and suspected as terrorists. He requested the media not to publish any baseless reports before any findings of investigations as such reports create serious social and psychological problems for the students of Waziristan in settled districts. President of Pakistan Society of Criminology and Patron-in-Chief of Uthman Khel tribe Dr. Fasihuddin was the chief guest on the occasion who urged the tribal students to divert all their energies towards education, acquire modern skills, bridge the gap between tribal population and people of urban areas, persuade their elders to resolve their inter and intra-tribal conflicts, and promote female education in FATA. He advised the students to be the agents of charge in the tribal belt and demanded the government to establish at least one good university in each of the tribal agency and resolve the issue of FATA University as soon as possible.