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01 December, 2008
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Join us:

The President of Pakistan Society of Criminology visited China from November 23rd to December 1st, 2008. He was invited by the Peoples Public Security University of China where spoke to the students and police officers on ‘Identification of Potential Terrorism and Talibanization in Pakistan’ and ‘The Long War on Terror and US/Nato Airstrikes on Pakistan’s Territories’. China, a rising world economic power, an all weather friend and a close neighbour of Pakistan, is committed to fight terrorism in all its manifestations China wants to help all communities who are the direct or indirect victims of terrorist activities. Pakistan and China can explore many opportunities of mutual law-enforcement cooperation and collective efforts to combat terrorism and other serious organized crimes like drugs trafficking, money laundering and human trafficking. The Pakistani Police need much help from the Chinese Police which are rapidly modernizing in all aspects.