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01 January, 2012
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A huge gathering of Uthman Khel tribe of more than 500 notables at Kot village, Malakand Agency, demanded for their separate division or agency so that more than one million of the Uthman Khel tribe come together who are now scattered in Bajaur, Dir, Malakand and Mohmand. On the occasion ex-chairman Kot, Haji Muhammad Akbar alongwith his hundreds of sub-section of Uthman Khel joined the Uthman Khel Qaumi Movement (UQM). Chairman Muhammad Akbar, 81, said that despite our loyalty to the country, its constitution and institutions, we are kept deprived of development and important basic needs like electricity and sui-gas to many of our areas. Mr. Jameel Shah highlighted the agonies of separation of Uthman Khel tribe in different agencies and called for nomination of Uthman Khel elders to contest the next coming elections under the banner of Uthmankhel Qaumi Movement. President of UQM, Haji Shah Wali Khan said that it is a conspiracy of the feudal and landlords to keep our people deprived of education so that this area is infested with unemployed youth, a pre-condition of lawlessness and radical thoughts. He demanded a full-scale development in the area. Haji Shah Wali also advised the local administration not to ignore the strength and commitment of the UQM in dealing with local problems of the tribe and their areas. Famous poet, Kamran of Charsadda demanded an Uthmankhel road from Bajaur leading directly to Peshawar via the major Uthmankhel country (tapa) so that the tribe takes part in economic activities and enjoy civilization. Retired DSP, Zohrab Gul criticized the MNAs and MPAs of FATA and Malakand for not doing any worth-mentioning project for the development of the tribes in the last many democratic governments. At the end, Fasihuddin, the Patron-in-Chief of the tribe, urged the tribesmen to show unity in their ranks and fight against all kinds of social evils like drugs, kidnapping, theft and radical thoughts. Only unity and education can put you on the right track, he told the tribe. Later on, the delegation of UQM called on the famous political personality of Kharkai, Mr. Ghaniur-Rehman who announced to join the UQM and work for the cause of his people and tribe.