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15 March, 2015
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UthmanKhel Pukhtoon Ittehad has a grand Jirga at Kohi (Kohi-Barmal) on Sunday, 15th  March, 2015 at the office of Committee Office of Kohi Welfare Organization. The meeting was attended by the notables of the village and surrounding areas. Patorn-in-Chief of UthmanKhel tribe Dr. Fasihuddin was the chief guest who spoke on the occasion about the need of unity and social cohesion amongst the widely scattered tribe in FATA and KP. Prominent UthmabnKhel elders who attended the meeting were Malik Bahader Shah (Central President, Uthmankhel Pukhtoon Ittehad), ex:MNA Haji Muhammad Khan, Malak Saaf Khan of Ambaar (Momand Agency), Retired Subeder Major Awais Khan, Mr. Nazir Bacha and Mr. Samander Khan of Kohi Welfare Organization. The Jirga and villagers of Kohi Barmol thanked Dr. Fasihuddin for his efforts to revive the lost links amongst the various sections of the tribe from Bajaur, Malakand and Momand Agencies, and settled districts of Mardan, Peshawar, Swabi, Nowshehra and Charsadda.