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10 January, 2012
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A grand Jirga of Uthmankhel Qaumi Movement (UQM) demanded full-fledged educational facilities for girls at Uthman Khel Tapa (country) in Bajaur, Malakand and Momand Agencies. The Jirga was held at the remotest village of Khanori, Malakand Agency on Jan 10, 2012, which was attended by 200 elders of Uthman Khel tribe from all nearby villages namely, Selai Patay, Badama, Dherai, Seend Ghara and Kot Manzaray Baba. The Jirga was addressed by Dr. Moqqadar Shah, Malak Afzal, Zia-ul-Islam, Amjad Khan, Jahan Zarin, Sher Ali, Retired DSP Zehrab Gul and many other local notables. Central President, UQM, Haji Shah Wali Khan lamented the lack of educational and health facilities for girls at the scenic village of Khanori and expressed deep anguish at the 18-km hilly road from Kot to Khanori which is still un-metalled, and a cause of tremendous difficulties for the poor masses in case of emergency and which is a sign of poor communications and transportation development in this area. Fasihuddin, Patron-in-Chief of Uthman Khel tribe spoke to the gathering and called upon the international community as we as national leadership to divert ample resources for the educational and communication development of these remotest villages. “If developed for sight-seeing, Khanori can became a tourist-spot for visitors, provided resources are honestly utilized, by the decision-makers, he added.