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07 November, 2008
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The President of PSC and other senior police officers from the National Police Bureau attended a training workshop on Juvenile Justice Information Systems for child abuse and juvenile offenders in Kathmandu, Nepal on Nov. 4-7, 2008. A relatively new concept and highly computerized data collection techniques were introduced to the participants from Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Maldives, Bangladesh and Nepal. The workshop was an excellent innovative activity with a desire to standardize the existing but disparate data collection methods, widely different in different countries. The participant countries were asked to prepare an Action Plan for 2009 for introducing computer-based information indicators on various juvenile justice processes. The plan is likely to be supported by UNICEF and UNODC. The National Police Bureau of Pakistan has the responsibility to submit an Action Plan, based on SMART approach (Simple, Measurable, Accurate, Realistic and Timed). The opportunity to standardize our data collection at national and international levels should be availed properly and timely.