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01 June, 2009
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The President of Pakistan Society of Criminology, Fasihuddin (PSP) visited Turkey and Kenya (June 15-30, 2009). In Turkey, he met many senior officers of the Counter-terrorism Department at Istanbul and Ankara. He gave presentations to the officers of the Turkish National Police (TNP) on the current law and order situation in the North-west Frontier Province (NWFP) and the ongoing operations against militants in the tribal areas and Malakand Division. The President of PSC appreciated the efforts of the TNP and their multi-million dollar project of Mobile Electronic System Integration—MOBESE—and the installation of 2600 CCTV in Istanbul which will be increased to 10,000. The Counter-terrorism Department at the Police Headquarters Ankara is highly developed, and has rendered marvelous services to the Turkish nation in combating terrorism and radicalism. Since its establishment in 1986, the TNP had arrested 1,80,000 miscreants and got them prosecuted. In addition to the operational capabilities and success stories of TNP, the ‘cop-cum-scholar’ group of officers have published four books on terrorism (English) which comprise of research papers presented in the 2nd Istanbul Conference on Global Security and Democracy in 2007. The Director, Research Centre on Transnational Crime and Terrorism at the National Police Academy at Ankara has also published a book (in Turkish language) on terrorism in the region. There is a lot to be learnt from the practical as well as academic achievements of the Turkish National Police