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04 December, 2011
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Join us:

About a hundred students and workers gathered at Mandal House, Takht-Bhai, Mardan on 04 December, 2011 and laid the Foundation of the Uthman Khel Students Federation (USF). The meeting was presided by Haji Shah Wali Khan, the President of Uthman Khel Qaumi Movement (UQM). Amongst the speakers included the elders of the Uthman Khel Qaumi Movement and representatives of the colleges of Tangi, Mardan, Takht-Bhai, Lund Khwar, Dargai, Dir and Abbottabad. Prof. Yar Muhammad Toofan of Tangi College spoke on the importance of education and healthy activities like sports, literature reading, debates and essay competitions, etc, for the personality development of a student. Haji Shah Wali Khan informed the students about the glorious history of the tribe who gallantly fought for the freedom and protection of the motherland, and now the young generation of the tribe is expected to fight all sorts of crimes and ills through education, enlightenment, pen and law-enforcement. Fasihuddin, Patron-in-Chief of the Uthman Khel Tribe spoke to the students on the importance of learning and acquiring new skills like information technology skills, presentation skill, communication skills, writing skills, etc, and urged the students to effectively use all forms of communications and information, like radio, TV, journals, newspapers, internet, emails, blogs, facebook, etc, for the good name and fame of the tribe. He advised the students to be patient with all sorts of criticism, and don’t take criticism as a personal attack but a positive suggestion from the other side. Moreover, Fasihuddin (PSP) pointed to the students that they should be the agents of change, efficient knowledge workers, and must think of their career right from day first as to which profession they want to go and what are its prerequisites. They must consult proper guide and do enough preparation for joining a profession like medicines, engineering, law, computer sciences, or civil bureaucracy, he told to the students. Fasihuddin (PSP) offered his personal library to be opened for these students at Mandal House by the end of this month. Malak Haji Abdullah Khan from North Waziristan attended the meeting on special invitation who presented a tribal turban as a gift to the Patron-in-Chief of the Uthman Khel tribe. Students representatives from various colleges spoke on the occasion and vowed to work for the good name and respect of the tribe in all their colleges and would make alliances with other tribal students for the cause of education and betterment of tribal community. The USF will have its first annul convention in February 2012. At the end, the students had a photo session with the elders of the UQM and Patron-in-Chief, who is also the President of Pakistan Society of Criminology.