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17 November, 2014
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“Prof. Dawar Khan Dawood, 75, is a multi- dimensional researcher, who studied and taught English literature, but contributed 17 remarkable and research-based books and dozen of articles to Pushto and Urdu literature”, said Shah Aziz Mulazai in a seminar on Dawar Khan’s life and services at Research Library Peshawar. “Dawar Khan has been granted a number of literary awards, including Presidential Pride of Performance in 2004, however, his greatest award is his work on Pushto folklore, Pushto dictionary, Pushto idioms and proverbs, Pusto riddles and Pushto grammer, etc, which are equally used by locals and foreigners”, he said. Prof. Dr. Yar Muhammad Maghmoom talked about Prof. Dawar Khan’s work in different fields of literature. He said that, “Prof. Dawar Khan has contributed a lot to biographies, criticism, book reviews, translation from English literature into Pushto and vice versa, travelogue, and much of his work has now attained the level of classics”. “For example, his critical and comprehensive book on Pushto Tapa has been published for 18 editions, and due to the intrinsic worth and value of his books, most of these are included in curriculum of various universities”, he added. “In addition to his outstanding contribution to Pushto transliteration, folklore, history and dictionary, he is a poet of beautiful and sweet taste, and many of his songs and Naat are famous in public”, he said. Chairman Pushto World Congress, Saleem Raz, narrated his 50 years association with Prof. Dawar Khan, and said that “Dawar Khan is a nice and humble man. He has never been a reward-seeking man but remained a devoted and selfless researcher. His contributions as a senior Researcher of Pushto Adabi Board, as President of Rahman Adabi Jirga, and as an editor of Pushto Montly Tatara, will be remembered forever in the history of literature and learning”. He said that “Dawar Khan is a guiding example for the so-called Pushtoon leadership who never contributed to Pushto language during their rule and authority”. Prof. Dawar Khan Dawood told about his life, work and commitment to promote knowledge and learning in KPk. “I spent much time on writing for school and college teachers on educational methodologies and I think that is the excellent time I invested on my nation and language”, he said. The audience asked him questions about his scholarly achievements and discussed various topics of literature and criticism with him and sought his opinion. Ex. Provincial Minister and poet, Abdul Subhan Khan was the Chief Guest who appreciated the role of Research Library Peshawar in promoting peace through education and research. He paid rich tribute to the outstanding services of Dawar Khan for more than 50 years to the academic progress of KP province and the promotion of Pushto literature.