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25 November, 2010
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Join us:

Pakistan Society of Criminology organized a One Day Seminar on Human Trafficking and Child Trafficking in Pakistan on Thursday November 25th, 2010. The seminar was attended by more than 200 participants including high level officials of the government, law enforcement agencies, academics from universities and civil society. The seminar was supported by AUSAID and Save the Children Sweden. Ms. Sitara Ayaz, Provincial Minister for Social Welfare and Women Development, KPK, was the Chief Guest of the session. The speakers highlighted the issue of human trafficking, smuggling of migrants, problems of immigration staff, problem and problems of deportees, child trafficking and the response of law enforcement agencies towards the complex issue of human trafficking.. Mr. Fasihuddin, Director, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and President, Pakistan Society of Criminology, spoke on the challenges and response towards the phenomena of human trafficking. He mentioned that there is a dearth of officially published statistics on human trafficking in Pakistan. Some of the NGOs publish their statistics, based on mere estimations which are neither valid nor reliable and causing damage to Pakistan’s image in the international community. Mr. Syed Akhtar Ali Shah, Additional Inspector General (Special Branch), KPK Police spoke on the police response towards the menace of human trafficking. He mentioned that more than 500 traffickers were detained during last year. He emphasized on a larger role for the police as mentioned in a recent resolution of the KPK Provincial Assembly. Mr. Imran Ahmad Sajid, Ph.D. Research Scholar of the Department of Social Work, University of Peshawar highlighted the issue of deportees and the problems faced by them. He added that thousands of Pakistanis get deported back to Pakistan each year, with no proper investigation and victims support services to them. Mr. Alamzeb, Assistand Director, FIA, Immigration, spoke on the problems of Immigration Staff. Lack of information sharing was a huge external problem for the immigration authorities, as highlighted by Alamzeb. Mr. Khurram Gondal, representative from Save the Children Sweden, sensitized the session on child trafficking for camel jockeys. Poverty, desire for a better future and lack of education were presented as a few causes of child trafficking, according to his research. The honourable Chief Guest, Ms. Sitara Ayaz appreciated eth efforts of PSC for the development of criminology and for organizing this seminar on human trafficking. She mentioned that the participation of civil society is necessary for dealing with the all forms of crimes including human trafficking, and migrants smuggling, including bonded labour, forced prostitution, forced marriages, camel jockeys. She suggested that Social Welfare Department will be in a leading role with other stakeholders for research and service delivery projects as for as the organized crimes are concerned. She lauded the efforts of FIA and Police officials for joining hands with other departments and civil society for a common cause of fight against crime.