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20 September, 2014
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“Tasawuf (Spiritualism, mysticism or Soft Religion) has been a great asset in the history of Islam and humanity, but its re-evaluation to address the modern day ailments of our society is a real task ahead of our scholars, spiritual saints and those associated with shrines and mosques, said by well-known scholar and writer Mr. Iqbal Sikandar, in the weekly lecture series at Research Library Peshawar. The session was presided by Prof. Dr. Salman Ali, Chairman Urdu Department, Peshawar University. Dr. Begum Jan, Chairperson of Tribal Women Welfare Association was the Chief-Guest. Mr. Iqbal Sikandar traced the origin of Tasawuf and discussed its etiology and historical evolution from a personal reform process to the present institutional status, which according to the speaker, is now badly polluted and degenerated by mundane temptations and worldly considerations. The guest-speaker told that the true purpose of spiritualism is the purification of thought process which can lead to self-abnegation and self-actualization. However, it needs restraining from greed, avarice, backbiting, hurting, harassment, telling lies, bribe, violence, cheating and the like psychological and moral maladies. He said that dogma and belief system is not an issue but the purification in worldly affairs and public dealings is the real challenges where spiritualism can re-stabilize our society. Founder of the Library, Fasihuddin (PSP) welcomed the guests and vowed that the Library will continue to hold such talks in future for reforms and ethical revolution in the society. The speaker said that not the governments but researchers’ desire for critical evaluation of Tasawuf is the real cause of popularity in the western society these days. They search for humanity in the subject and it is this human touch and self-accountability which is the essence of Tasawuf. This is how Tasawuf is being revisited in the modern perspective. Prof. Ishaq Wardag conducted the session and PhD/Mphil scholars of KP universities attended the lecture. Dr. Begum Jan said that women must be involved in this process of social and educational reforms as they are the first teachers in a house. Prof. Dr. Salman Ali said that dust of temptations has over burdened the real meaning and purpose of spiritualism. It is now time to re-visit the subject and its relevancy be established with the modern day requirements where the modern man is suffering from numerous problems and we must revert to the essence of our religious philosophy of spiritualism.