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01 December, 2007
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Join us:

Fasihuddin (PS) Deputy Commandant, FRP, NWFP, alongwith Habib Hussain Imtiaz (PSP) of Punjab Police and Islam Zeb, officer of the District Management Group (DMG) posted in FATA Secretariate, attended the International Leadership Visitor Programme, sponsored by the State Department, USA, from Oct. 20 to Nov. 11, 2007. The IVP programme is an excellent initiative where selected candidates visit the relevant departments in the United States. In the present programme, representatives from Palestine, Bahrain, Nepal, Kuwait and Pakistan visited the State Department, the US judiciary, the Pentagon, the DEA, the UN Headquarters and many other civil and government offices. Lectures, presentations and meetings enriched the knowledge of the participants about the US polices and culture.