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17 November, 2011
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The rapidly spreading Deewa Radio of the Voice of America (VOA) invited Fasihuddin (PSP) to a talk-show on 17 Nov, 2011 at the Sahar Pakhair (Good Morning) Programme at he headquarter of VOA at Washington DC, USA. The talk-show was conducted by Muhammad Ikram and assisted by Mahwash, Irum, and the well-known broadcaster Bakhtawar Shah. Deewa Radio is one of the few sources of signals and communications of the VOA for outreach to the tribal and rural areas in Afghanistan, FATA, KPK and Baluchinstan in particular and all the Pushto/Afghani speaking population in general. Though a good attempt on part of the VOA, yet we don’t consider it tot be desiredly effective in any de-radicalization programme. However, the Deewa Radio asked Fasihuddin (PSP) a number of questions on police corruption, which is very rampart in Pakistan, police image, again not a promising one, police reforms, yet another disappointment, and how to improve upon this civil security structure. Fasihuddin (PSP) lamented the US approach towards the real problems and identification of the right people in these areas as most of the US money is spent on NGOs, English media writers, so-called think-tanks and the corrupt politicians who can never dare to visit or live in the tribal areas or have no indepth insight into the tribal complex societal intricacies and their local dynamics, but these writers and commentators are seen ‘experts on Islam and FATA’ in the US government organizations. In the last ten years these so-called coloumnists, writers, think-tanks, agents of charge, newspaper-based researchers with their foreign visiting scholars have never made a single program a success in the FATA or KPK or other areas for de-radicalization except with bad name, failure and corruption. The interview will be uploaded to the you tube and PSC website.