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14 November, 2016
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An international conference was arranged by the Peoples Public Security University (PPSU), Beijing, China on Nov. 14, 2016 on the subject of Theory and Practice of De-radicalization in Counter Terrorism; Global Knowledge and Local Experience. The Conference was attended by senior Chinese military and police officers, researchers and faculty of the PPSU. Dr. Eyal Propper, Dr. Fasihuddin, Mr. Eric Battesti, Ms. Stefanie Kam, Dr. Kam C. Wong, Dr. Peter Chalk, Dr. Mohammad Nawab Mohammad Osman, Shirani De Fortgalland, and Dr. Aditya Luthra attended and spoke on a variety of subjects on de-radicalization in Counter Terrorism. The keynote speakers presented their research and experiences from Hong Kong, Pakistan, Fraance, Israel, USA, Singapore, Interpol, Malaysia, China and Australia. The officers and scholars of Chinese police and social sciences presented their findings on various radicalizing elements, causes and precipitating factors in a society where terrorists may easily manipulate and exploit the situation to promote their hidden agenda. Prof. Chan Gang (Dean of the College for Criminal Investigation and Counter Terrorism, PPSUC), Majo. Gen (Rt) Peng Guanqia, (China Academy of Military Science, CPLA), Prof. Zhang Liwei (Academy for Special Troops of China Armed Police Force) Prof. Li Sheng (Research Center for Xinjiang Development), Prof. Mei Jianming (Director, Research Center for Counter Terrorism, PPSUC) Prof. Cai Lihui (Dean, College for Governmental Management and Emergency Response, Jinan University, Guangzhou), Dr. Yunbu Jiao (Australian National University), and Prof. Chan Zhen (Vice President of Sichuan Provincial Police College) spoke on the occasion and presented their research papers. President of the PPSU Prof. Cao Shiquan and Vice President of PPSU Prof. Wang Yong were present on the occasion and did excellent arrangements to make the conference a success. Prof. Mei Jianming was the focal person for the international scholars and made all possible efforts to organize such a fruitful and successful event at PPSU, Bejing, China.