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21 January, 2012
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Speakers of the Uthman Khel Qaumi Movement severely criticized the elected representatives of Malakand Division, Momand Agency and Bajaur Agency for not doing any welfare-oriented mega projects which could bring prosperity, development and employment opportunities to the people of the remote tribal areas. Central President of UQM Haji Shah Wali Khan, while criticizing the elected members at a huge gathering of more than 300 notables at the deplorably backward village of Naray Oba and Jabagai, Malakand Agency, called all tribes of Bajauri, Malaizi, Wazirs, Mehsuds, Mashwani, Roadbari and Tarkalani etc to join the Uthman Khel Qaumi Movement (UQM) for the rights of the oppressed and neglected population of FATA. “No one is sincere with the tribes and wants to keep us uneducated and deprived so that they take dollars from the international community and foreign donors for our blood which is shed unabated and for no reasons, he said. Mr. Shamshad Angar said the UQM shall soon become a force like MQM in Karachi who listens to their leader and go for any limits of sacrifices if their leader asks them.” “We should forge a strong unity and organization like MQM and shall not fight other nations and tribes but the exploitative feudals and corrupt elements of the society,” said Ghulam Khan Kaka. Mr. Jahan Zarin, General Secretary, UQM said that time has come that other political parties and the international community should talk to the tribes and UQM directly. Patron-in-Chief of the Uthmankhel Tribe Fasihuddin appreciated the role of tribal elders in joining the UQM and asked the young generation to divert their energies towards education, sports and communication skills. The Jirga unanimously demanded the US/NATO to stop drone attacks as many innocent civilian tribal people are killed.