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WRC is mobilizing all the resources to enhance the quality of health in the entire region for which the so far development is reviling the fact that to reach the unaware and poor population, WRC has to use the government of Pakistan channels to reach the goals and objectives.

As a policy matter and in order to satisfy the needs and requirements has signed Memorandum of Understanding with government and now in partnership with them to work on the following programs.





Preventive Objective

In the area of health, education and keeping in view the living norms of our population is mostly in rural and remote areas therefore their non-awareness to protect themselves from common to high potentive diseases is but natural.

Therefore knowing the fact that we can eliminate 90% diseases from these areas has to be given through adequate knowledge and preventive strategy.

Promotive Objective

A very key objective to ensure proper health care with hygienic and enhanced living standards is based on the guidelines of principle of proper living style.

Therefore WRC has a promotive program to guide the people through counseling other than health facilities to reach them at their places of living provide them with all available materials to give them proper knowledge as to how live in the healthy atmosphere.

One of the key objectives is also to promote awareness program among the gender equity in their behavior towards the children health care in influence in their behavior that can ensure the best social tools of the society.

Curative Objective

Keeping in view the sense of living in the rural and remote area may reveal the fact that any disease car erupt in any area for this matter WRC has the objective to reach and combat the disease by setting up camps arrangement of proper medicines and ensure availability of proper specialist doctors and other paramedic staffs.

Secondly, WRC has always kept itself well equipped in the provision of emergency pertinent medicine and other operative materials.

Sharing the Knowledge

WRC has the objective of introducing state of the art sharing of functionary knowledge with all stake holders by introducing HEALTH CARD for every patient checked by WRC with maintaining his full record through website for his outreach consultancy.

Secondly, WRC can provide all his functionary responsibilities through GPRS system to every department of concerned by log-in and curser click.

Thirdly in order to maintain proper discipline and availability of the staff a BIOMETRIC system will be installed for accuracy and ready references.